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Nutrients to Lower Inflammation

Inflammation and coronary artery disease go hand in hand. One is rarely present without the other. In fact, it appears that inflammation from poor nutrition and chemicals leads to cholesterol/lipid deposition in arteries.

Inflammation can be measured through several different blood tests

including Hs-crp, phospholipase A2, myeloperoxidase, and F2-isoprostanes.

The most important factor in reducing inflammation is getting rid of the cause. This may be certain foods, toxic metals, tobacco, or other chemicals. The list of possible causes is virtually limitless.

While your doctor is trying to find the cause, look to the nutrients listed in the included infographic to help lower inflammation. These values are conveniently assessed in a blood test from Spectracell. Other beneficial supplements include resveratrol, turmeric, and quercetin to name just a few.

inflammation - infographic

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