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After an initial history and physical, I order the most advanced cardiovascular blood analysis available.

This test looks at genetics, inflammation, in depth cholesterol analysis including particle numbers and sizes, thyroid, blood sugar, vitamin D, homocysteine, omega 3 levels, and so much more.

Also, I often order an analysis of heavy metals, hormones, intracellular nutrients, and food sensitivity panels.

Whatever test I need to order to fix you, I will do it. 

I find the cause of your health issues, not just cover up symptoms.

There are three main causes of disease and genetics is not one of them.

Our ancestors from 50,000 years ago had the same genes but did not have the diseases of today.  Poor nutrition, chemicals, and stress are the root of all health issues and my focus is centered around addressing and correcting these factors. Genetics can predispose someone to disease, but poor nutrition and chemicals activate your genes, a concept called Epigenetics.

Most doctors treat symptoms without addressing the CAUSE.

  • Blood pressure is high so they provide a pill to make it lower.
  • Cholesterol is “high” so they prescribe drugs to make it low (ignoring the fact that cholesterol is one of the most important molecules in the human body).
  • Office visits are short and explanations are shorter. Tests are ordered and performed but the patient is unfulfilled.
  • Diagnosis can be made but the CAUSE is not identified and symptoms are covered up.

At Wolfson Integrative Cardiology, the patient comes first.

Doctors need to listen to their patients and provide the time necessary to get to the CAUSE of disease. My new patient consult is a 1 hour history and physical examination. Your visit is totally personalized to your needs. I use extensive hematologic, salivary, and urine analysis to identify nutrient deficiencies, toxic chemicals, abnormal lipid levels, and markers of inflammation. Genetic testing is also done to identify ways to modify cardiac risk, but again, the genes are not the cause, bad food and chemicals are. Please read more about the individual tests in the cardiac services section . Risk is also assessed with a thorough evaluation of your nutrition and environmental factors.

At your visits you will always see Dr. Wolfson, a board certified cardiologist.

A full spectrum of nutritional products and supplements are found in my office along with household items to decrease your chemical exposure. These are the best quality products to help your body heal itself.

Wolfson Integrative Cardiology uses electrocardiography (ECG), stress testing, echocardiography, and many other modalities to assess symptoms and risk. Sometimes you will need to be referred to an invasive cardiologist, an electrophysiologist, or a surgeon. Our goal is to make these situations rare.

The CAUSE is the Cure.

Named one of Phoenix Magazines
Top Doctors.

Voted the “Top Holistic MD 2012″
by Natural Awakenings Magazine.


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