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The Importance of Soaking Nuts and Seeds


Nuts and seeds are a part of a heart healthy diet.  As a Paleo cardiologist, I recommend nuts and seeds to my patients to promote proper nutrition.

I also tell my patients to soak nuts and seeds prior to eating them. I offer that advice because most seeds and nuts in raw form contain inhibitors that reduce nutrient absorption while making digestion difficult. Soaking reverses these inhibitors to increase nutrient absorption and improve digestion.

Soaking is easy to do and quite effective.

One of the most extensive guides about soaking nuts and seeds was posted Kayla Grossman on the Radiant Life Company blog. In this post Kayla covers the exact details about why you need to soak nuts and seeds and how to do it. The post covers in specific, easy ways how to soak nuts and seeds, and the soaking times by variety.

An article on the Food Matters website covers the benefits of soaking nuts and seeds. Whole Lifestyle Nutrition explains why soaking seeds and nuts is necessary on their blog.

Soaking nuts and seeds prior to eating them is absolutely necessary for good heart health. Our ancestors for thousands of years soaked nuts and seeds and then dried them in the sun. You should follow their example for better heart health.

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