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Our Professional Fees

About Our Fees

Dr. Wolfson knows that proper natural heart health care begins with a full examination of a person’s medical history, nutrition and lifestyle. That’s why Dr. Wolfson devotes extraordinary amounts of time and resources to his patients. This personal approach, along with highly advanced blood testing, allows Dr. Wolfson you to achieve optimal health.

In order to provide this level of care and expertise, patients of Wolfson Integrative Cardiology pay for their visit in full at the time of their appointment. Although we do not process your insurance, you’ll be given forms and instructions on how to submit our charges for possible reimbursement to you per your insurance coverage.

We elected to opt out of the insurance model. The administrative tasks required by insurance companies vary widely and are ever-changing. Government programs are constantly modifying the rules. Our policy allows us to provide the best preventive heart care in the world.

All of our patients pay our office visit fees at the time of service. If you are planning to apply for insurance company reimbursement, we have the forms you will need. We encourage our patients to be aware of your coverage prior to your visit to our office. If you have questions about our payment policies, please contact us.

Dr. Jack Wolfson Fees

New Patients: $2800
  • 90 minute initial consultation AND 1st follow-up in person or by phone (review test results and modify treatment plan).
  • Examination
  • ECG + Salivary Nitric Oxide testing
  • Customized treatment plan (lab fees are extra)
  • A 1 hour session with one of our certified health coaches to help you incorporate the healthy lifestyle into YOUR life
  • 3 month unlimited email with health coach
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Dr. Jack Wolfson with a patient
Nurse Practitioner with a patient

Nurse Practitioner Fees

New Patients: $850
  • 75 minute initial consultation AND 45 minute follow-up visit (review lab testing etc. )
  • Examination
  • ECG + Salivary Nitric Oxide testing
  • Customized treatment plan
  • One consultation session with a Wolfson health coach
Follow Up Visits: Time Spent
  • Fees for follow up visits are based on actual time spent with our Nurse Practitioner, based upon the rate of $300 per hour.
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Health Coach Packages

3-Month Program: $1200 6-Month Program: $2160 Program Includes:
  • Two 50 minute phone consultations per month
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Guide
  • Two week meal plan
  • Food Shopping Guide
  • Local discounts
  • Free handouts
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Health Coach Packages at Wolfson Integrative Cardiology

Fees: Testing

  • Treadmill stress test: $350 — A stress test, sometimes called a treadmill test or exercise test, helps Dr. Wolfson determine how well your heart handles work. (Learn More)
  • Echocardiogram: $400 — This procedure helps Dr. Wolfson picture or visualize the heart chambers, the thickness of the muscle wall, the heart valves, and major blood vessels located near the heart… (Learn More)
  • Stress treadmill echocardiogram: $500 – A stress treadmill combined with an echocardiogram is an excellent test to assess for significant blockage in a coronary artery… (Learn More)
  • ECG: $45 – A simple, painless test that records the heart’s electrical activity… (Learn More)
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