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If you’re serious about improving your health while losing weight and feeling your best, you need help and support. Let our certified health coaches get you on track.

The Drs. Wolfson have helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve optimal health without Big Pharma pills or invasive procedures. Their coaches have undergone extensive training, are professionally certified, and have real practical experience. Don’t wait to take control of your health – start health coaching today. Gain access to the support, encouragement, advice, tools and tactics you need to achieve optimal health and your ideal weight.

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Achieve amazing results with our three-month or six-month health coaching programs. Our in-person and online support program and resources bring you to the path of optimal health. We use proven methods to help you get healthy at your ideal weight. Our program includes in-person meetings with a Drs. Wolfson certified health coach. You’ll get unlimited email support…meal plans…shopping guides…local discounts…program guides – in short, you’ll get everything you need for success.

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Health Coaching Testimonials

I am writing this note regarding my association with Ms. Ashley Swanson (Nutritionist).

I was introduced to Ashley in early October, 2019 by my holistic cardiologist, Dr. Jack Wolfson of Paradise Valley, AZ.

I have been overweight for many years. I built up plaque in my arteries and had high blood pressure for over 30 years, as well as, being a borderline diabetic.

When I first met Ashley, my cholesterol was 177. In December, 2019 after working with Ashley for 10 weeks, my cholesterol went down to 97.

Ashley placed me on a Paleo Diet, consulted with me bi-weekly and had me monitor my weight and keep a food intake journal. Ashely would then review my daily report and give me specific techniques to improve my health. She is very articulate, hard working and committed to her patients. I have reduced my weight from 254 lbs. to 233 lbs. over the past 10 weeks. Ashley has inspired and motivated me to continue on this path.

I would highly recommend Ashley to others and would be happy to speak with potential clients in the future.


Michael C.
Scottsdale, AZ

I have been using the services of Dr. Wolfson since the fall 2016 after a surprise heart attack. It was going well (with his treatment) but I seemed to slowly “drift off” from the plan that he had me on as the years passed. Phoenix was so far away and I felt alone.

I was doing OK but then had a problem because of my drift. I wasn’t doing all what Dr. Wolfson had told me to do. I was again hospitalized in June 2019 after I had made a great recovery from my heart attack in 2016. I was in bad shape with an EF score of around 30.

At this point, I knew I needed to make a change. I became very impressed with his health coaches especially Ashley Swanson. She was so knowledgeable and reassuring to me. She got me back on track. I thought to myself, “Having a Health Coach like Ashley” was the missing piece to the puzzle!” She made sure I stayed on Dr. Wolfson’s protocol.

She got me all straight on my supplements, my ability to handle stress, an exercise program, intermittent fasting with the right diet, and great encouragement (with knowing she was there for me).

With the help from her coaching and positive encouragement, I astounded the Cardiologists including Dr. Wolfson and my EF score improved to 51! It was back to normal again! Our goal was to do well the on the Echo test and we knocked it out of the park!

Ashley Swanson was and is literally a lifesaver and I highly recommend her coaching services as a compliment to Dr. Wolfson. She was the missing piece to the puzzle in my treatment plan and the numbers proved it. This includes amazing nutrient markers with top scores in almost every nutrient.


from Oklahoma

I wanted first to thank you for changing my life!

I FEEL GREAT! I am now at 216 lbs. I started at 255…. almost 40 lbs down and on my way to 205. I really thought I would never be here.

IN LARGE PART DUE TO YOU AND CARRINGTON! OM gosh, she is a God Send! What vivacious, happy and positive, supportive young professional!

I now am trying to get all my children signed up with your firm and Carrington!

No acid reflex, no blood pressure issues, still working with Carrington to get my blood sugar down… she says that you say it could take a while…. the suitcase over full scenario


Brian Herzog

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