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Dryer Sheets

Are you living in a cloud of chemicals?

The organic craze has been sweeping the country for years. Many supermarkets are catering to our desire for pesticide-free produce.

But there is something very ominous that millions of people use every day which may be even MORE harmful than toxic veggies….dryer sheets.


The Facebook page of Bounce has over 500,000 likes! So sad for all those people, given the chemicals in Bounce likely increase the risk of heart disease, brain disorders like dementia and Parkinson’s, and cancer.

Our family lives in a community where the houses are pretty close to one another. Through the dryer exhaust pipe to the outdoors, we are exposed to our neighbors laundry smell. This is pure environmental pollution and NO ONE CARES.

Chemicals from the machine right to the great outdoors.

Chemicals from the machine right to the great outdoors.

There is no study proving Bounce and others directly cause cancer. There is also no study which proves the sky is blue or touching fire hurts. It is just obvious.

Fabric softeners like Downy also contain a load of dangerous chemicals.

When I am out on a trail run, nothing sickens me like the smell of another person’s clothing. In our quest to smell clean, we have turned to a thin, synthetic sheet loaded with chemicals. Even the fragrance-free products are full of chemicals linked to disease.

Ingredients are not listed on the box. Opposite of food labeling, there is no federal requirement for this information. This is governed by the Consumer Products Safety Commision.

But wait, there is evidence these products are poisonous.

A survey of selected  consumer goods showed the products emitted more than 100 volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including some that are classified as toxic or hazardous by the
Environmental Protection Agency. Even products advertised as “green,” “natural,” or “organic” emitted hazardous chemicals.

Anne Steinemann  and colleagues at the University of Washington, analyzed VOC’s given off by air fresheners, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, disinfectants, dish detergents, all-purpose cleaners, soaps, hand sanitizers, lotions, deodorants, and shampoos.

Many of the products tested are top sellers in their category.

The researchers detected 133 different chemicals, half of which are known to cause CANCER.

An excellent read on this subject a book titled The Brain Wash.

A recent study found women who work in hair salons have higher levels of inflammation, evidence of oxidation damage, and lower heart rate variability. All of these are associated with a higher risk of heart disease.

Women who use household sprays (deodorizers etc.) have lower heart rate variability. Without getting all technical about this measurement, just understand this carries a higher risk of death from heart causes.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) increase inflammation. The more inflammation, the higher your risk of heart disease.

From a Do It Yourself website, here is a link to 8 Natural Ways to Reduce Static Cling.

We use vinegar in our house and I have never had a problem with any of my clothes. Vinegar is a heck of a lot cheaper than Bounce.

And just may save your life.


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